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Paid Media

Don’t waste your revenue! With Enayble, you can do so much more with your ad spend! Maximize your ROI with the help of our paid media services.

Dominate your market online with targeted paid media campaigns that significantly impact your turnover.

We create ad campaigns that your audience will value and happily click on.

Not all ads are relevant at all times, therefore, we focus on providing prospects with the right ad, with critical messaging, at the right time, to receive tons of clicks.

Enayble develops paid media plans that are designed to meet the requirements of your customers, regardless of their position in their journey.

To summarize, Enayble helps you serve ads to customers when they want to see them, where they want to see them, and how they want to see them.

Ads being shown to the right audience, at the right time, leads to:

Greater number of potential customers landing on your website

Decrease in CPC and ad spend

Notable growth in revenue

Need a content refresh? Maybe a new website? Need to sprinkle it with SEO? Contact us today!

Personalized messaging for your audience at each stage of their customer journey.

Enayble makes each channel work in sync to develop a holistic strategy. Here’s what Enayble’s team can provide for you:

Paid Search (PPC)

Keep your competition at bay for search words with high volume.

Sponsored Shopping

Identify the right product to be sponsored on each platform.

Paid Social

Social media advertising, through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, has proved to be tremendously effective. We help you invest in social advertising to expand your customer base.

YouTube Advertising

Strategic ad placement on a platform that receives more than 5 million views each day.

Display Ads

Increase and improve your brand awareness without having to spend too much from your budget.

Remarketing Strategy

Retain the interests of potential customers with strategies that make your brand unforgettable.

Native Ads

Sponsored content, also known as native advertisements, helps your ad blend into another website and removes the look and feel of a typical ad.

Programmatic Advertising

Take real-time control of your ad placements.

Sponsored Listings

Organic listings that are highlighted at the top of a search results increase the chances of winning your target audience’s attention.

Our Tech Stack


A paid media audit is an important step in Enayble’s process. Enayble’s team performs a holistic review of each of your previous metrics and campaigns to attain a greater understanding of your business’s current paid media strategy. We take into consideration factors such as missed opportunities, account structure, wasted spend, ad copy, platforms, keyword analysis, and match types, among others. Enayble uses these findings to create a customized strategic plan that helps grow your business by increasing the overall effectiveness of your paid media campaigns.
Enayble’s team is experienced and equipped to run paid advertisement campaigns on every major platform such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Display Network (i.e. a group of sites where your Google ads appear), Google, and Bing, among others. Our team possesses a variety of tools for targeting that makes your ads eligible for a wide range of placements. We reach your customers, regardless of where they may be!
The method by which you pay for your website to be present in advertising sections of related results pages of search engines is known as paid search advertising. This section is generally the top of a results page, which makes it obvious for user’s eyes to land on your website first. The ad’s relevance to the searcher’s term, combined with a high bid, increases the chance of your ad appearing in search results.
A Google shopping campaign is the shopping of ads. These advertisements comprise rich information about products, such as price, merchant name, and product image, and also include data attributes from the product information submitted by you in the data feed of the Merchant Center. Utilizing these ads and information allows you to rank higher for specific search terms within the Google Shopping Network. Google shopping campaigns allow you to improve results by choosing specific products to bid on.
The techniques that draw visitors back to your website and encourage conversion are known as remarketing. This is made possible by displaying ads to targeted individuals who have landed on your website or app previously. Remarketing campaigns provide additional reports and settings that are specifically designed to target previous visitors. These ads are generally dynamic and customizable, which allows you to feature the product/ service that the visitor was viewing the previous time.
Programmatic advertising can be defined as the automated purchasing and selling of online ad placements. This increases the efficiency of transactions as it makes use of data to make purchasing or selling decisions. Although programmatic advertising does most of the work as it streamlines processes and consolidates your digital efforts, it cannot be set up and forgotten. Enayble monitors results and makes the changes that are necessary to improve and reach business goals faster.
Display advertising is a form of paid media that comes in various forms and sizes. These advertisements appear on different websites that are relevant to your service/ product, which is different from search ads that only appear on the results pages of search engines.
Enayble places a strong focus on customization so as to provide top notch results for each client. Every business is unique and has different goals. We can only provide a specific number once we review your current paid media strategies through our FREE paid media audit. Get in touch with us today to claim your free paid media audit and we’ll provide a detailed report with strategies, opportunities, and an estimate for your project.

Our Work Process


Before signing a contract, we make sure we understand your business with the help of a detailed paid media audit. We provide a comprehensive report on the strategies that work for you and what doesn’t work, along with some opportunities for growth that we find.


Now that we have a thorough understanding of your business and what we can do, we create a customized marketing mix that would help you attain your business goals. We then map out campaigns for each channel, whilst also maintaining an overall view of the paid media marketing strategy.


Once the campaigns go live, we continuously monitor and measure results. These paid media campaigns pass through numerous iterations along the way as our team makes changes to improve with each step.

Results and Improvisation

While we do our bit, you can enjoy the surged influx of revenue. With feedback, we keep making tactical changes in ad copy, placement, and targeting, which you will notice through the timely improvement in results.

Contact Enayble today to get your FREE appraisal! (Don’t pay us before you know how we can help)!

The in-depth appraisal comprises of:

Keyword Targeting

Targeting helps provide better opportunities and greater relevance.

Historical Performance

Past performances show us what we can do next to further refine results.

Checklist for Account Health

A checklist allows Enayble to identify spaces that can be leveraged and also notifies us about any discrepancies in your ad accounts.

Missed Opportunities and Wasted Spend

These factors show what’s keeping you behind and how to overcome these challenges.

Lets Talk About Your Project

You’ll surely get to us know better, but when we collaborate we ensure it is all about you.

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