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Important Tips To Create Quality Content: No Words Wasted in 2020

Creating simple, generic content is just a piece of cake, but crafting high-quality, engaging content is the real challenge. Content creation has become one of the most efficient tools in recent years and it will continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape as it is the one and only source of generating organic leads.

People look for originality and trust everywhere. Content that reflects originality and engages the audience is likely to get promoted on its own, hence becoming the most powerful promotional tool online. For content to make a significant impact on the target audience, it should be planned and executed properly. According to studies, a fresh content design generates three times as many leads to conventional marketing and even costs less. This is not the only benefit of great content; marketers who enhance their blogging efforts are 15 times more likely to witness positive ROI. Over 70% of businessmen say content marketing results in increased engagement and small businesses with blogs receive a 126% higher lead growth than small businesses that don’t publish blogs.

Here are some points to keep in mind while creating quality content for content marketing:

1. Do your homework: Thorough research is fundamental before writing content. Presenting faulty and plagiarized content will directly affect the brand value. More than that, it would create problems in indexing done by Google. Google’s algorithm directly skips plagiarized information; therefore, the first step should be finding out everything you can about the topic and verify the information with reliable sources.

Finding the target audience and creating content around their interests in the first step. A simple audience analysis would kick off the process of writing engaging content. The goal is to create accurate reading content by using some audience traits such as:

  • Location, age, gender, and other demographic information
  • Education and Annual Income
  • Marital/Relationship Status
  • Personal interests, values, and beliefs
  • Online habits and behavior
2. Find relevant keywords: Keywords play a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization. The concept of SEO is essential in digital marketing as almost 93 percent of traffic is generated through search engines. The best way to improve rankings in the search engines is to use relevant keywords, long or short, that are most likely to be entered by a user in the search query. There are several online tools available to identify the finest search terms and phrases.

3. Write Eye-catching headline: After curating relevant information, it is time to start writing blogs and articles. A headline is the first place to start as titles deserve special treatment because 80 percent of the readers never make it past the headline. A typical visitor doesn’t always read a post if the headline is not compelling enough. This is precisely why it is essential to pay attention to creative headings.

4. Use Creative Style of Writing: Many successful authors pay great attention to their style of writing because their uniqueness is the primary criteria for building an army of loyal readers. However, it is vital to remember that the target audience also appreciates your style. For instance, tech-based writers who wish to project themselves as trustworthy and authoritative prefer data-driven blogs. Their style of writing is simple and direct because the audience is looking for technical advice, not for heavy vocabulary and literary genius. On the other hand, young audience demands humor, communication, and engagement. When the most appropriate writing style is discovered, writers should make sure that they use it consistently.

5. Use simple language: Another thing to be taken into account is that users do not always appreciate heavy words and literary style. They face problems in understanding jargon and industry buzzwords that are essentially used just to enhance the writing piece. Besides, complex sentences and paragraphs are easy to misinterpret.

Instead, the right choice is to write in an actionable, simple and common language. The article should be conversational and engaging, leaving no chances for possible misinterpretations, confusion, and misunderstandings. Writers should try to simplify their sentences whenever possible.

6. Using Writing Tools to Improve Content: Content writing is a challenging task, but there are some tools available on the internet that can help make it a little better. Grammarly is the most commonly used proofreading application that checks content for spelling mistakes, grammar, plagiarism, and so on. It also suggests corrections to make the written piece better. Writers can use Evernote, to note down ideas and organize writing activities. Hemingway is also an excellent tool to proofread documents, evaluate readability and edit textual posts.

7. Repurposing Content Matters: The most proficient and creative writers also face writers’ block. It is always a good idea to repurpose the content to avoid the creative drought. According to a study, almost 30% of leading market players smartly reuse and repurpose old content. Adding the current stats, images, and present information to an old post will make it relevant again.

8. Keep a tab on competitors: Following niche rivals will help the writers understand the approach they use for building quality content. The idea does not suggest copying or plagiarizing, but it means keeping an eye on their updates and stories to make sure that you have not missed any valuable information.

Bottom line
Today, fresh, high-quality, and engaging content is becoming one of the most effective and popular ways to connect with potential customers in the world of spam and advertisements.

Curating top-notch content might not be easy, but maintaining consistency is even more difficult. To stay ahead in the content marketing game, make sure to follow the current content creating a protocol.

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