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Video Marketing Is A New Way to Build Trust In Customers

Visuals such as pictures, flow charts, and videos offer a brilliant medium to showcase creativity and thoughts. Visuals create a sense of engagement in the audience. The process of incorporating videos in your marketing strategy will in some way or the other, promote your company, raise awareness towards your product or service and engage the customers.

Video marketing is not a tough feat to achieve if you have the idea of what should be brought to the table. A carefully curated video with a hint of creativity and precise information will do the job of a full-fledged blog post. Customers who are on the go generally do not get enough time to go through blog posts and articles. Videos come in handy. A substantial amount of information can be summed up and put into the video, along with animation and sound effects, making the video more exciting and engaging from a customer’s point of view.

Video marketing is mostly data-driven. It is crucial for marketers to monitor diverse metrics and track customer engagement. Crisp video marketing can bring out positive results for small and more prominent brands as well. The content in the video entirely depends on the needs of the marketer and their business strategies.

But, it is essential to keep a few things in mind before crafting a video marketing strategy such as:

1. Allocating Proper Resources 

The quality of the video depends on how much we are willing to spend on creating that video. There has to be a designated budget for the videos. Take time to create the video, use decent equipment and good editing software. Some companies hire video marketing gurus and even teams to create high-quality, engaging videos. 

2. Storytelling

Tell your brand's story in your video. Storytelling is a crucial aspect if you want to make an engaging video. The way you tell the story, its uniqueness and transparency will make the story more appealing and relatable to the customers. Brainstorming is a great way to come up with new ideas that are interesting and engaging at the same time. 

3. Engage with your audience 

Telling a story is not enough. It is incredibly vital to engage with your audience while telling your story. If the audience is not hooked to the video within the first 10 seconds, they will close down the video altogether. The key is to keep the video short. There is no set length for these types of videos, but the general rule states the shorter, the better. Attention spans are short, therefore keep editing your videos to make them precise and crisp.

4. Publish the videos on various platforms

Video content is a goldmine for search engine optimization. It helps to build backlinks to the website, boosting the audience engagement by inviting likes and shares. These likes, shares, and comments directly affect search engine ranking, hence driving traffic to the website.

Try to publish your videos on as many platforms as possible. The videos should be embedded in your website, social media platforms, web 2.0 websites and even YouTube. Promote the videos to make them reach the audience more quickly. Track the statistics of how the video is doing, how many likes it gets to determine which video has the best content that is generating leads.

Make the Most of Visual

Videos act like a bridge that links to the thoughts and expressions of the company, allowing customers to get the real idea of the vision behind the company and the product.

Videos also boost information retention. If the customers only listen to the information, they are more likely to retain about 10% of the information even after three days. By contrast, if the information is accompanied by relevant imagery, there are chances that the customers will retain an average of 65% of that information after three days. Video content accounts for almost 74% of all the traffic. Potential customers also love videos, which means effective video marketing can attract new customers. According to statistics, e-mail subject lines that have the word “video” have more than 19% open rates and about a 65% hike in click-throughs.

Videos also appeal to mobile-phone users. Since people like to watch videos on the go, the number of smartphone users is continuously growing. Google claims to observe a hike of a full 100% users every year on YouTube. Therefore, the audience for video marketing will continue to get bigger and bigger. Google also states that smartphone users are twice more likely to feel a personal connection to brands that display adverts on their devices.

The conversion rates received from video content would be hard to measure, but videos certainly will move the leads closer to actual conversion. Videos will speed up the sales cycles as the potential customers will think quickly and act sooner.


Videos are an excellent tool for learning, along with being super easy to the consume. The modern customer wants to see the product in action as today’s life has become too busy to read long product descriptions and dig deeper for information. Video preferences are one of the most important driving forces in the content marketing landscape. Emotionally charged-up and creative video advertising can become viral on the Internet in a matter of days, generating the traffic your website truly needs. 

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